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Pugliese Vineyards is known as “The Winery in the Hollow”. It is one of the more interesting and quaint wineries to visit. Founded 34 years ago, it is owned and operated by the late Ralph Pugliese and his wife, Pat, who still can be found in the wine tasting room on any given day.


Family owned and operated, the winery is home to a selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese, Gewurztraminer and Niagara grapes. The property contains a charming lake with a fountain spraying lightly and outdoor seating. Inside is a spacious tasting room and a side room for gift purchases.

The Place

At Pugliese, you will find many award-winning wines, including sparkling wines and ports. While many Long Island wineries have “one great wine”, at Pugliese you will find yourself pleasantly surprised at just how many of them you truly desire to take home with you. If you’re traveling to more than one tasting room along the North Fork Wine Trail, then it is simply imperative you choose the champagne flight to try.

The Wines

When you enter Pugliese, you might think this is just going to be “another wine tasting experience”, and look around, as we did. We meandered through the gift shop, and right away, you know this just might be a different visit for your day. Lining the wall is a full assortment of gift baskets – wines with hand-painted glasses, all wrapped and ready. But unlike other gift shops, the manner in which they are wrapped and the painting you see on the glasses says “there’s a lot of love here”. With that, we went to the tasting bar, and were offered our flights. You can choose from ANY of the wines listed – this is a gracious plus, as you aren’t restricted to a pre-planned flight. Feel welcome to try any of their wines, although the pourers are happy to make any suggestions.


The wine glasses are hand decorated by the owner, Pat, who was writing on a gift wine bottle during our visit – hands-on all the way. Once you leave Pugliese, you feel a sense of warmth, as these winemakers not only know what they are doing, but want to share it with everyone.

The Experience

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